Vol 43, No 3 (2005)

Table of Contents

1. Controller design and implementation for active vibration suppression of a piezoelectric smart shell structure PDF
Ulrich Gabbert, Tamara Nestorović-Trajkov, Heinz Köppe 487-500
2. Advanced modelling of vibratory machines PDF
Mariusz Giergiel, Józef Giergiel 501-509
3. Description of motion of a mobile robot by Maggie's equations PDF
Józef Giergiel, Wiesław Żylski 511-521
4. Time-optimal control of hydraulic manipulators with path constraints PDF
Paweł Hołobut 523-538
5. Approximate constrained controllability of mechanical system PDF
Jerzy Klamka 539-554
6. Functional adaptation of bone as an optimal control problem PDF
Tomasz Lekszycki 555-574
7. Online optimization of a preview controller – structure and algorithms PDF
Joachim Lückel, Eckehard Münch, Henner Vöcking, Thorsten Hestermeyer 575-591
8. Modelling and control of mechatronic systems by the descriptor approach PDF
Peter C. Müller 593-607
9. Stability of actively controlled rotating shaft made of functionally graded material PDF
Piotr M. Przybyłowicz 609-630
10. Real-time control for a magnetorheological shock absorber in a driver seat PDF
Bogdan Sapiński 631-653
11. Vibration control in a pitch-plane suspension model with MR shock absorbers PDF
Bogdan Sapiński, Paweł Martynowicz 655-674
12. Application of poli-criterial linearization for control problem of stochastic dynamic systems PDF
Lesław Socha 675-693
13. Stabilization of plate parametric vibration via distributed control PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski 695-706