Vol 41, No 3 (2003)

Table of Contents

1. Elasto-plastic limit loads of cylinder-cone configurations PDF
Dieter Dinkler, Oliver Knoke 443-457
2. Layout optimization of two isotropic materials in elastic shells PDF
Grzegorz Dzierżanowski, Tomasz Lewiński 459-472
3. Interaction of cylindrical shell and spherical body in ideal compressible medium PDF
Victoria Dzyuba 473-486
4. Asymptotic analysis of nonlinearly elastic shells with variable thickness PDF
Liliana Gratie 487-508
5. Hybrid asymptotic method for the effect of local thickness defects and initial imperfections on the buckling of cylindrical shells PDF
Victor Z. Gristchak, Olga A. Golovan 509-520
6. Study of the thermostressed state of electrically conductive nonferromagnetic shells PDF
Oleksandr Hachkevych, Zygmunt Kasperski, Borys Chornyj, Oleh Dzyubachyk 521-536
7. Non-linear stability problem of spherical shell loaded with torque PDF
Stefan Joniak 537-544
8. Optimal design of membrane shells. Homogenization-based relaxation of the two-phase layout problem PDF
Tomasz Lewiński, Józef Joachim Telega 545-560
9. Geometrically nonlinear static analysis of sandwich plates and shells PDF
Jakub Marcinowski 561-574
10. Stability of inelastic bilayered conical shells PDF
Piotr Paczos, Jerzy Zielnica 575-591
11. Affine tensors in shell theory PDF
Géry De Saxcé, Claude Vallee 593-621
12. On surface-related shell theories for the numerical simulation of contact problems PDF
Rainer Schlebusch, Jan Matheas, Bernd W. Zastrau 623-642
13. Shape sensitivity analysis of elastic shells with cracks PDF
Edgardo Taroco, Raul A. Feijóo 643-673
14. Non-associated superelasticity in rotating frame formulation PDF
Benoit Vieille, Mohammed Lamine Boubakar, Christian Lexcellent 675-691
15. Non-linear stability of elastic-plastic conical shell under combined load PDF
Jerzy Zielnica 693-709