Vol 33, No 3 (1995)

Table of Contents

1. Effect of plastic prestrain magnitude on uniaxial tension creep of copper at elevated temperatures PDF
Zbigniew L. Kowalewski 507-517
2. Microstructural effect on fracture toughness of N26MT2Nb steel in the two-phase state PDF
Jerzy Jelenkowski 519-537
3. Investigations of barrel bore wearing mechanism PDF
Edward Włodarczyk, Aleksander Moszczyński, Adam Jackowski 539-549
4. Waves generated by an incident shock in a peculiar hyperelastic material PDF
Sławomir Kosiński 551-576
5. On the impulse response function for water waves generated in fluid of constant depth PDF
Kazimierz Szmidt 577-589
6. Mathematical modelling in measurements of unsteady flows with ultrasonic flowmeters PDF
Krzysztof Boś, Zdzisław Kabza, Janusz Pospolita 591-603
7. On the generalized Euler equations PDF
Avelino H. Passos Morgado 605-614
8. Averaging of mechanical systems by means of non-smooth periodic functions PDF
Valeriy Pilipchuk, Eugeniusz Świtoński 615-626
9. Chaotic vibration of a journal-bearing system PDF
Włodzimierz Kurnik, Zbigniew Starczewski 627-641
10. The non-linear vibrations of parametrically self-excited system with two degrees of freedom PDF
Jerzy Warmiński, Kazimierz Szabelski 643-665
11. A review of the influence of high angle of attack aerodynamics on aircraft dynamic stability PDF
Abdul Hamid A. Ghmmam, Zdobysław Goraj 667-686
12. Influence of induced velocity modelling on helicopter stability PDF
Paweł Mazurek, Janusz Narkiewicz 687-710
13. Comparison of solutions in a frame-work of different plate theories PDF
Abdel Fattah M. El-Zebidy, Zbigniew F. Baczyński 711-723