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Table of Contents

1. Computation and experimental comparison of the deformation behavior of pantographic structures with different micro-geometry under shear and torsion
Hua Yang, Wolfgang H. Müller
2. An alternative approach to jerk in motion along a space curve with applications
Kahraman Esen Özen, Furkan Semih Dündar, Murat Tosun
3. Effect of the temporal profile of the friction power on temperature of the pad-disc brake system
Aleksander Yevtushenko, Michał Kuciej, Katarzyna Topczewska
4. Study of the anti-plane problem of a dugdale-barenblatt crack in a welded strip using the integral equation method
Amine Brick Chaouche, Hicheme Ferdjani, Nacer Tala-Ighil
5. Steady state vibration of the periodically forced and damped pure nonlinear two-degrees-of-freedom oscillator
Cveticanin Livija, Miodrag Zukovic, Dragan Cveticanin
6. Heating a thermoelastic half space with surface absorption pulsed laser using fractional order theory of thermoelasticity
Ismail Tayel, Amin F. Hassan
7. Experimental damage assessment of support condition for plate structures using wavelet transform
Muyideen Abdulkareem, N. Bakhary, M. Vafaei, N. Md Noor, R. Abd Samat
8. Fault detection based on Lyapunov exponents estimation for stabilized mechanical systems
Volodymyr Puzyrov, L. Acho, Gisela Pujol-Vazquez, J. Rodellar