Vol 52, No 4 (2014)

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Table of Contents

1. A new suspension system of an autonomous caterpillar platform PDF
Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Tomasz Nabagło, Janusz Kowal, Marcin Apostoł 857-867
2. Buckling of heated temperature dependent FGM cylindrical shell surrounded by elastic medium PDF
M. Sabzikar Boroujerdy, R. Naj, Y. Kiani 869-881
3. Verification of selected models of the size effect based on high-cycle fatigue testing on mini specimens made of EN AW-6063 aluminum alloy PDF
Tomasz Tomaszewski, Janusz Sempruch, Tomasz Piątkowski 883-894
4. Vibro-acoustic analysis of laminated double glazing using the force identification method PDF
Mounir Ben Jdidia, Ali Akrout, Dhouha Tounsi, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar 895-904
5. Experimental and numerical analysis of post-buckling deformation states of integrally stiffened thin-walled components of load-bearing aircraft structures PDF
Tomasz Kopecki, Łukasz Święch 905-915
6. Numerical simulations of arteries with an adaptive finite element method PDF
A. Karolina Fuksa, Waldemar Rachowicz 917-925
7. Application of the Control Volume Method using the Voronoi polygons for numerical modeling of bio-heat transfer processes PDF
Mariusz Ciesielski, Bohdan Mochnacki 927-935
8. Prediction of static crack propagation in adhesive joints PDF
Reza Hedayati, Meysam Jahanbakhshi, Saeid Ghorbani Khouzani 937-946
9. Modelling of tissue thermal injury formation process with application of direct sensitivity method PDF
Marek Jasiński 947-957
10. Decentralized fuzzy-integral-sliding control for a class of TITO uncertain nonlinear systems with application to a 2-DOF helicopter model PDF
Kazem Zare, Hamid Reza Koofigar 959-969
11. Transverse shear modulus of elasticity for thin-walled corrugated cores of sandwich beams. Theoretical study PDF
Ewa Magnucka-Blandzi, Krzysztof Magnucki 971-980
12. Experimental confirmation for the validity of Ritz method in structural dynamic analysis PDF
Gultekin Aktas, Abdulhalim Karasin 981-993
13. Stress Modified Critical Strain criterion for S235JR steel at low initial stress triaxiality PDF
Paweł Grzegorz Kossakowski 995-1006
14. Equivalent stress in a pressure vessel head with a nozzle PDF
Jerzy Lewiński 1007-1018
15. The use of response surface methodology for reliability estimation of composite engineering structures PDF
Karol Winkelmann, Jarosław Górski 1019-1032
16. Numerical simulation of unsteady water-based nanofluid flow and heat transfer between two orthogonally moving porous coaxial disks PDF
Kashif Ali, Muhammad Farooq Iqbal, Zubair Akbar, Muhammad Ashraf 1033-1046
17. On the existence of finite collapsing systems of plane vortices PDF
Marek Lewkowicz 1047-1059
18. Viscoplastic properties of an MR fluid in a damper PDF
Paweł Skalski, Robert Zalewski 1061-1070
19. Thermal effect on damaged stay-cables PDF
Libin Wang, Yong Wu, Da Wang 1071-1082
20. Efficiency of the constant interaction force vibroisolation (WoSSO) PDF
Marian Witalis Dobry 1083-1091
21. Generalized model of strains during bending of metal tubes in bending machines PDF
Zdzisław Śloderbach 1093-1106
22. Experimental studies of the influence of human standing positions on the feet-to-head transmission of vibrations PDF
Marek A. Książek, Janusz Tarnowski 1107-1114
23. Analysis of two-stage endo-atmospheric separation using statistical methods PDF
Mohammad Samani, Seid H. Pourtakdoust 1115-1124