Vol 52, No 3 (2014)

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Table of Contents

1. Earthquake analysis of arch dams including the effects of foundation discontinuities and proper boundary conditions PDF
Adel Ferdousi, Ahmad R. Mostafa Gharabaghi, Mohammad T. Ahmadi, Mohammad R. Chenaghlou, Mehrdad Emami Tabrizi 579-594
2. Dynamical jump attenuation in a non-ideal system through a magnetorheological damper PDF
Vinicius Piccirillo, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, José Manoel Balthazar 595-604
3. Apparent masses and inertia moments of the parafoil PDF
Grzegorz Kowaleczko 605-616
4. Thermal stresses around two upper cracks placed symmetrically about a lower crack in an infinite orthotropic plane under uniform heat flux PDF
Shouetsu Itou 617-628
5. Analysis of the dynamics and control of the modified optical target seeker used in anti-aircraft rocket missiles PDF
Daniel Gapiński, Izabela Krzysztofik, Zbigniew Koruba 629-639
6. Buckling of cylindrical shells under external pressure in a Hamiltonian system PDF
Jiabin Sun, Xinsheng Xu, C.W. Lim 641-653
7. The usage of high speed impulse liquid jets for putting out gas blowouts PDF
Alexander N. Semko, Marina V. Beskrovnaya, Stanislav A. Vinogradov, Igor N. Hritsina, Nataliya I. Yagudina 655-664
8. Dynamical analysis of a constrained flexible extensible link with rigid support and clearance PDF
Mihai Dupac 665-676
9. Effect of support on mechanical properties of the intervertebral disc in long-term compression testing PDF
Małgorzata Żak 677-686
10. Wavelet approximation of Adomian's decomposition applied to the nonlinear problem of a double-beam response subject to a series of moving loads PDF
Piotr Koziol 687-697
11. The computational model of the load distribution between elements in a planetary roller screw PDF
Jan Ryś, Filip Lisowski 699-705
12. Closed form solution for the collapse of polygonal thin-walled columns in the axial crushing case PDF
Yamen Maalej, Fahmi Chaari, Bassem Zouari, Eric Markiewicz 707-718
13. Parametric vibrations of pipes induced by pulsating flows in hydraulic systems PDF
Jan Łuczko, Andrzej Czerwiński 719-730
14. Numerical verification of analytical solution for autofrettaged high-pressure vessels PDF
Andrzej Trojnacki, Maciej Krasiński 731-744
15. An innovative method for stress analysis of Y25 bogie under oscillating loads due to tank wagon fluid sloshing PDF
Mohammad Ali Rezvani, Mohammad Mahdi Feizi, Morad Shadfar 745-755
16. Numerical analysis of the intake vortex formation in the case of a double fuselage shielded inlet PDF
Adam Kozakiewicz, Michał Frant 757-766
17. Numerical analysis of the effects of changeable transverse and longitudinal pitches and porous media inserts on heat transfer from an elliptic tube bundle PDF
Haniyeh Razzaghi, Mohammad Layeghi, Siavash Goodarzi, Hossein Lotfizadeh 767-780
18. A method of measuring moving element displacements in micro-hydraulic valves with the use of optical fibers PDF
Grzegorz Łomotowski, Elżbieta Bereś-Pawlik 781-791
19. A case study of inverse dynamics control of manipulators with passive joints PDF
Wojciech Blajer, Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk 793-801
20. Numerical modelling of the thermo-mechanical response of a rocket motor to exhaust gases load PDF
Małgorzata Orłowska, Andrzej J. Panas, Karol Rećko, Andrzej Żyluk 803-814
21. Blade couple connected by damping element with dry friction contacts PDF
Lud e k Pešek, Ladislav Půst 815-826
22. Effect of radial fins on natural convection between horizontal circular and square cylinders PDF
Iman Jafari, Hossein Mahdavy-Moghadam, Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni, Morteza Dayyan, Seyyed Mostafa Seyyedi 827-837
23. A comparison of the human body-seat model responses to several types of impulse excitations PDF
Marek A. Książek, Łukasz Łacny 839-845
24. Evolution of tensile properties of the TiAl6V4 alloy due to the prior cyclic loading history PDF
Wojciech Moćko, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski 847-851