Vol 52, No 1 (2014)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

1. Theoretical study of stress transfer in platelet reinforced composites PDF
A.M. Fattahi, M. Mondali 3-14
2. Exponential temperature effect on frequencies of a rectangular plate of non-linear varying thickness: a quintic spline technique PDF
Arun K. Gupta, Jain Mamta 15-24
3. Buckling of imperfect thick cylindrical shells and curved panels with different boundary conditions under external pressure PDF
Reza Akbari Alashti, Seyed A. Ahmadi 25-36
4. Ubiquitiform in applied mechanics PDF
Zhuo-Cheng Ou, Guan-Ying Li, Zhuo-Ping Duan, Feng-Lei Huang 37-46
5. Multi-objective conceptual design optimization of a domestic unmanned airship PDF
Sasan Amani, Seid Hossein Pourtakdoust, Farshad Pazooki 47-60
6. Analysis of the LEFM concept for interfacial cracks application to coating buckling delamination in terms of substrate elastic characteristics PDF
Jelena M. Djoković, Ruzica R. Nikolić, Ivan M. Miletić, Milan V. Mićunović 61-69
7. Parallel mesh generator for biomechanical purpose PDF
Hubert Hausa, Michał Nowak 71-80
8. Influence of support compliances on stability and limiting slenderness ratio of compression helical springs PDF
Jacek Krużelecki, Damian Szubartowski 81-92
9. TM-AFM nonlinear motion control with robustness analysis to parametric errors in the control signal determination PDF
José Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Atila Madureira Bueno 93-106
10. Dynamic analysis of torsional discrete-continuous systems with position-dependent variable inertia PDF
Amalia Pielorz 107-115
11. The effects of cavity geometry on an aspirated compressor cascade PDF
Shuang Guo, Hua-Wei Lu, Jie Liu, Chui-Jie Wu 117-128
12. Optimal design of compressed columns with corrosion taken into account PDF
Mark M. Fridman 129-137
13. Investigation of an additional oxidizer charge effect on selected operational characteristics of a solid-fuel rocket engine PDF
Andrzej Żyluk, Mariusz Pietraszek 139-149
14. A comparison of objective functions of optimization-based smoothing algorithm for tetrahedral mesh improvement PDF
Cui Dai, Hou-Lin Liu, Liang Dong 151-163
15. The effects of trailing edge blowing on aerodynamic characteristics of the NACA 0012 airfoil and optimization of the blowing slot geometry PDF
Kianoosh Yousefi, Reza Saleh 165-179
16. Determination of mechanical properties of P91 steel by means of magnetic Barkhausen emission PDF
Katarzyna Makowska, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Bolesław Augustyniak, Leszek Piotrowski 181-188
17. Forced vibrations analysis of a conical sleeve-shaft friction joint PDF
Andrzej Andrzejuk, Zbigniew Skup, Robert Zalewski 189-197
18. A novel dynamical model for GVT nonlinear supporting system with stable-quasi-zero-stiffness PDF
Zhifeng Hao, Qingjie Cao 199-213
19. Analysis of axially loaded tapered beams with general end restraints on two-parameter foundation PDF
Mohamed Hassan Taha, Mohamed Nassar 215-225
20. Role of filling material on defects of thin-walled tube bending process PDF
Mohammad Sedighi, Jalal Taheri Kahnamouei 227-233
21. Elastic moduli of carbon nanotubes with new geometry based on FEM PDF
Abdolhossein Fereidoon, Morteza Rajabpour, Hossein Hemmatian 235-245
22. The influence function in analysis of bending curve and reactions of elastic supports of beam with variable parameters PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Krzysztof K. Żur, Łukasz Dragun 247-255
23. Topological classes of statically determinate beams with arbitrary number of supports under the most unfavourably distributed load PDF
Agata Kozikowska 257-269
24. Mathematical modeling of fluid flow in brain tumor PDF
Daniel N. Riahi, Ranadhir Roy 271-279
25. Coupling multistable systems: uncertainty due to the initial positions on the attractors PDF
Patrycja Kuzma, Marcin Kapitaniak, Tomasz Kapitaniak 281-284