Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 2, pp. 519-531, Warsaw 2014

Development of a shape memory alloy wire actuator to operate a morphing wing

Misun Rim, Eun-Ho Kim, Woo-Ram Kang, In Lee

DSC tests were performed on several types of SMAs to verify the phase-transformation temperatures, and then experiments to examine their characteristics were carried out. An electric-current was supplied to the SMA wire to measure the appropriate operational current range. The force generated by the SMA wire increased according to the supplied current; but it diminished when the over-current was supplied because thermo-mechanical properties of the wire started to degrade. The appropriate stress range for effective actuation characteristics was also investigated. The SMA wire actuator was designed to operate a morphing wing. Experiments for the wing were conducted to verify its characteristics and it was smoothly deformed.
Keywords: morphing wing; shape memory alloy (SMA); wire actuator