Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 1, pp. 189-197, Warsaw 2014

Forced vibrations analysis of a conical sleeve-shaft friction joint

Andrzej Andrzejuk, Zbigniew Skup, Robert Zalewski

The paper presents a theoretical study of the damping process of non-linear vibrations in a one-mass model of a mechanical system over a friction joint. The problem is considered assuming a uniform unit pressure distribution between the contacting surfaces of the conical sleeve-shaft neck of the friction joint. The steady-state motion of the system is subject to harmonic excitation. The analysis includes the following: the influence of geometric parameters of the system, its external load amplitude, unit pressures and the friction coefficient upon the amplitude-frequency characteristics and the phase-frequency characteristics. Structural friction has been also taken into account. The equation of motion of the examined mechanical system has been solved by means of the slowly varying parameters (Van der Pol) method and a numerical simulation method.
Keywords: conical joint; sleeve-shaft neck; energy dissipation; structural friction