Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 4, pp. 1003-1012, Warsaw 2013

Stress concentration on the contour of a plate opening: analytical, numerical and experimental approach

Nikola Momcilovic, Milorad Motok, Tasko Maneski
The objective of the paper is to analyze the stress concentration factor (SCF) in the corner of a rectangular plate opening with small radii of curvature and various methods for its derivation. Besides the finite element method, as the most used approach today, there are some analytical and experimental procedures that can obtain stress concentration results in such spots. An analytical approach can deliver prediction of the SCF around the corner but cannot illustrate the stress field opposite to the finite element method. On the other hand, finite element analysis needs much computation time to deal with very sensitive and fine mesh generation around concentration zones. Experimental devices, such as strain gauges are not able to perform measurements on areas where high gradient of stress occurs due to their lack of sensitiveness and larger dimensions compared to the measured part of a structure. The paper presents Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique that obtains not only stress concentration, where other devices fail, but also provides full displacement, strain and stress field's even where a high gradient of stress exists. These three methods are discussed, compared and illustrated on the model of a plate with rectangular opening subjected to tension.
Keywords: stress concentration factor (SCF); digital image correlation (DIC); plate opening; small radius of curvature