Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 3, pp. 523-531, Warsaw 2013

The off-design performance prediction of axial compressor based on a 2D approach

X.C. ZHu, J.F. Hu, H. Ou-Yang, J. Tian, X.Q. Qiang, Z.H. Du
The two-dimensional compressor flow simulation approach has always been a very valuable tool in compressor preliminary design studies, as well as performance predictions. In this context, a general development of the streamline curvature (SLC) method is elucidated firstly. Then a numerical method based on SLC is developed to simulate the internal flow of the compressor according to the development analysis and conclusion. Two certain transonic axial compressors are calculated by this 2D method. The speed lines and span-wise aerodynamic parameters are compared with the experiment data in order to demonstrate the method presented in this paper.
Keywords: two-dimensional; compressor; streamline curvature; deviation; loss model