Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 2, pp. 487-496, Warsaw 2013

Critical flow velocity in a pipe with electromagnetic actuators

Tomasz Szmidt, Piotr Przybyłowicz
We study the influence of electromagnetic damping on the dynamics of a pipe conveying fluid. Pipes supported at both ends as well as cantilever ones (both discharging and aspirating the fluid) are considered. We assume physical parameters of the systems which allow an experimental verification of results. We develop simple methods of calculation of the internal and external damping coefficients which are based on known models, and do not require experiments. The governing partial equation of the pipe is discretised with Galerkin's procedure, and the stability of the resultant dynamical system is determined with eigenvalues of its linearization. The actuators destabilise the pipe supported at both ends, but can remarkably improve stability of cantilever ones. The effect of magnetic damping strongly depends on the position at which actuators are attached to the pipe.
Keywords: pipe conveying fluid; dynamic stability; flutter; electromagnetic actuators