Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 2, pp. 463-474, Warsaw 2013

Comparison of two models of numerical simulation of low cycle fatigue of a plastic material with small rigid inclusions

Joury M. Temis, Khakim Kh. Azmetov, William J. Fleming
Theory of Cells and a numerical FE method based on strain cyclic plasticity, damage model and technology of died elements were used for a prediction of the fatigue life of a metal matrix composite material. Results of calculations were compared with experimental fatigue data. It was shown that the predicted fatigue life of MMC using the method of cells was in close agreement with the experimental results for life outside of low cycle fatigue regime of 1000 cycles or less. The results obtained from the mathematical simulation procedure show that the failure occurs in several steps – the process of damage accumulation in the material and the process of crack growth. The results of prediction of time of the composite material full fracture are in good agreement with experimental data. The comparison shows that both the numerical method and the theory of cells can be used to predict fatigue life of MMC to within an acceptable degree of accuracy.
Keywords: low cycle fatigue; cyclic plasticity; damage accumulation model