Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 2, pp. 431-438, Warsaw 2013

The unsteadiness of tip clearance flow and its effect to stability of transonic axial compressor

J.F. Hu, X.C. ZHu, H. Ou-Yang, J. Tian, Y.D. Wu, X.Q. Qiang, G. ZHao, Z.H. Du
The steady and unsteady RANS simulations of a transonic compressor rotor (NASA rotor 37) are performed to investigate the tip clearance flow characteristic and correlations between tip leakage flow and compressor stability. For steady simulations, the results are compared with the aerodynamic probe and laser anemometer data. The speed lines and span-wise aerodynamic parameters agree well with the experimental data. On the other hand, the tip clearance flow of unsteady simulations are analysed clearly at a near stall condition. The results show that there is a mass flow rate boundary. The tip clearance flow oscillates substantially with a frequency about 50% BPF when the mass is less than that, which is caused by tip clearance flow, shock, and the interaction between them and the oncoming flow. The interface between the oncoming flow and clearance flow shifts forward, and the tip clearance flow may spill over into the adjacent blade passage as the mass flow decreases, which may results in the spike stall inception.
Keywords: tip leakage flow; compressor; stability