Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 2, pp. 419-430, Warsaw 2013

Two-dimensional experimental elastic-plastic strain and stress analysis

Barbara Kozłowska
In the paper, the quantitative analysis of elastic-plastic state of strain and stress in two-dimensional models with different stress concentrators is presented. The experimental testing was carried out by the photoelastic coating method on duralumin elements loaded by tensile stresses. For strain separation, the analytical method of characteristics, taking advantage of an isochromatic pattern only, was applied. The strain and stress components in elastic-plastic areas around stress concentrators were calculated using the multi-sectional schematization of the material curve. The effects of investigations have been compared with those obtained from Moiré method and numerical calculation (FEM). The discussion of results has been presented.
Keywords: mechanics of solids; experimental methods; elastic-plastic states