Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 4, pp. 903-911, Warsaw 2012

Dynamic behavior of an axially moving wide web

Agnieszka Cedrowska, Krzysztof Marynowski
Theoretical and experimental dynamic analysis of an axially moving wide composite web is presented in this paper. The mathematical model of the system under consideration has the form of a differential equation with partial derivatives. The approximate solution using the extended Galerkin method has been determined in this work. Dynamic analysis allowed one to determine the natural frequency of bending and torsional vibrations of the web. Experimental investigations of dynamic behavior of the axially moving web was performed on a laboratory stand in the form of belt transmission. The experimental verification of numerical studies concerned the lowest frequencies of bending and torsional vibrations. The fundamental frequency of bending vibration was determined numerically with the greatest accuracy.
Keywords: axially moving plate; dynamic analysis; experimental verification