Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 4, pp. 1097-1108, Warsaw 2012

Mathematical modelling of a disc weakened by an eccentric circular hole

Milan Bizić, Dragan Petrović, Dragan Pancić, Zoran Dinović
The task of this paper is identification of stresses in a homogeneous isotropic disc weakened with an eccentric circular hole which is loaded by pressure in the internal contour of the hole. By application of a complex variable method, the mathematical model that allows complete analytical solution of stresses of the disc is formed. The methodology can be applied for the solution of any disc weakened with an eccentric circular hole. The comparative analysis has shown a high accuracy of analytically obtained results with FEM results obtained by calculations in ANSYS 12 software package. The application of the results of this paper is of great importance for quality design and optimization of thin-walled structures of disc type weakened by a circular hole.
Keywords: modelling; disc; eccentric hole