Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 2, pp. 455-472, Warsaw 2012

Non-symmetrical boundary layer suction in a compressor cascade

Karsten Liesner, Robert Meyer, Sebastian Schulz
In order to simulate non-symmetrical boundary layer suction in an annular compressor, a cascade investigation has been performed with single-sided suction slots only. A preceding investigation had revealed a high potential for loss reduction by two different types of boundary layer suction. The experimental investigation was performed with five NACA 65-k48 stator blades at the design Mach number of 0.67 and Reynolds number of 560.000. The two investigated suction geometries are a narrow slot following the design of Peacock and a wider slot of own origin, both slots are positioned on one side of the passage only. The Peacock slot is placed in the corner between suction side of the vane and the side wall, the wider slot is positioned from suction side to pressure side following the side wall's flow detachment line. With half the suction rate of the preceding investigation the efficiency of the cascade could still be enhanced. In the case with 2.5% suction rate the total pressure loss coefficient of the full passage was decreased by 13%, in the case with 1% suction rate the loss coefficient was decreased by even 10%. The outflow of the cascade is as expected no more symmetrical and the one sided suction has no large impact on the flow of the opposite side of the passage.
Keywords: compressor cascade; secondary flow; active flow control; flow suction