Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 1, pp. 251-268, Warsaw 2012

Modeling and numerical simulation of unmanned aircraft vehicle restricted by non-holonomic constraints

Edyta Ładyżyńska-Kozdraś
The paper presents the modeling of flight dynamics of an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) using the Boltzmann-Hamel equations for mechanical systems with non-holonomic constraints. Control laws have been treated as non-holonomic constraints superimposed on dynamic equations of motion of UAV. The mathematical model containing coupling dynamics of the aircraft with superimposed guidance have been obtained by introducing kinematic relationships as the preset parameters of the motion resulting from the process of guidance. The correctness of the developed mathematical model was confirmed by the carried out numerical simulation.
Keywords: automatically steered aircraft vehicle; non-holonomic constraints; Boltzmann-Hamel equations