Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 1, pp. 23-46, Warsaw 2012

The influence of material properties and crack length on the Q-stress value near the crack tip for elastic-plastic materials for centrally cracked plate in tension

Marcin Graba
In the paper, values of the $ Q$-stress determined for various elastic-plastic materials for centre cracked plate in tension (CC(T)) are presented. The influence of the yield strength, the work-hardening exponent and the crack length on the $ Q$-parameter was tested. The numerical results were approximated by closed form formulas. This paper is a continuation of the catalogue of the numerical solutions presented in 2008, which presents $ Q$-stress solutions for single edge notch specimens in bending – SEN(B). Both papers present full numerical results and their approximation for two basic specimens which are used to determine in the laboratory tests the fracture toughness – $ J$-integral, and both specimens are proposed by FITNET procedure used to idealize the real components.
Keywords: fracture mechanics; cracks; $ Q$-stress; stress fields; HRR solution; FEM; $ J$-integral; O'Dowd theory