Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 1, pp. 147-168, Warsaw 2012

Some aspects of the axial extension mode in an elastic thin-walled beam-column

Zbigniew Kołakowski
The present paper deals with the influence of the axial extension mode on static and dynamic interactive buckling of a thin-walled beam-column with imperfections subjected to uniform compression when the shear lag phenomenon and distortional deformations are taken into account. A plate model (2D) is adopted for the beam-column. One- and two-dimensional models of the elements are compared, too. The structure is assumed to be simply supported at the ends. Equations of motion of the component plates are obtained from Hamilton's Principle, taking into account all components of inertia forces. Within the frame of the first order nonlinear approximation, the dynamic problem of modal interactive buckling is solved by the transition matrix using the perturbation method and Godunov's orthogonalization.
Keywords: axial extension mode; eigenvalue problem; dynamic interactive buckling; thin-walled structure