Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 1, pp. 131-145, Warsaw 2012

A parameter study on the influence of fillets on the compressor cascade performance

Robert Meyer, Sebastian Schulz, Karsten Liesner, Harald Passrucker, Roland Wunderer
In order to evaluate the influence of fillets in a high speed compressor cascade with an aspect ratio of $ h/c=1$ a parameter study has been performed. Fillets of different radii from 1 to 5 mm $ (2.5%c$-$12.5%c)$ between the side wall and stator vanes have been investigated at inlet Mach numbers of M=0.5 and $M=0.66 and at a Reynolds number of Re=5.6$ 10^5$ based on the chord length. The heights of the fillets were chosen with regard to manufacturing aspects for blade integrated disks (Blisk). The measurements were accomplished with a total pressure rake combined with angle probes which provides information on total pressure loss, efficiency and outflow angle of the cascade. For comparison and estimation of the performance of the fillet equipped cascade a reference cascade without fillets was measured and the differences between the individual test cases will be shown in quantitative numbers and values as well as qualitative pictures. In the measurements for this paper a dependence between the fillet height and the total pressure loss coefficient became apparent.
Keywords: fillet; compressor; blade; losses; secondary flow