Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 3, pp. 685-704, Warsaw 2011

Efficient and low cost PZT network for detection and localization of damage in low curvature panels

Nicolae Constantin, Stefan Sorohan, Mircea Gavan, Vladimir Raetchi
The paper presents results obtained in creating an efficient inspection technique, based on the Lamb wave method, by using a powerful central signal generator, a network of receivers and a simple triangulation algorithm for detecting and localizing a defect/damage in metallic or composite panels. This is intended to be done in two variants: (i) with a fixed central PZT patch able to blast powerful omnidirectional waves of the desired frequency, shape and duration and (ii) with a variable angle mobile actuator able to generate powerful guided waves. The first variant is aimed for online monitoring, while the second, for field inspections. At this stage, only numerical simulations of the first variant have been made, with promising results in metallic panels.
Keywords: Lamb wave; PZT patch; signal generator; triangulation