Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 4, pp. 973-1001, Warsaw 2010

Nowacki's double shear test in the framework of the anisotropic thermo-elasto-vicsoplastic material model

Adam Glema, Tomasz Łodygowski, Wojciech Sumelka

In the paper, the numerical simulation of Nowacki's double shear test in the framework of recently proposed viscoplasticity theory for anisotropic solids is presented. The numerical analysis comprises the full spatial modelling and is carried out for the DH-36 steel sheet in adiabatic conditions (the analysis of anisotropic bodies can be led only on 3D models). During analyses, strain rates of order $ 10^4$-$10^7$ s$^{-1}$ are observed and the process time duration up to full damage (loss of continuity in the localisation zone) is around 150-300 $\mu$s. The novelty of the research is focused on the formulation that includes the anisotropy of the intrinsic microdamage process. Thus, it makes possible to obtain qualitatively and quantitatively new results compared with the existing models, like tracing the softening directions and better (closer to experiment) prediction of damage paths.
Keywords: microdamage anisotropy; metals; constitutive relation