Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 4, pp. 855-870, Warsaw 2010

Multiscale modeling of osseous tissues

Tadeusz Burczyński, Wacław Kuś, Anna Brodacka
The paper presents a methodology of the multiscale bone modeling in which the task of identification of material parameters plays the crucial role. A two-scale analysis of the bone is considered and the problem of identification, formulated as an inverse problem, is examined as an important stage of the modelling process. The human femur bone, built form cancellous and cortical bone, is taken as an example of an osseous tissue, and the computational multiscale approach is considered. The methodology presented in the paper allows one to analyze the two-scale model with the use of computational homogenization. The representative volume element (RVE) is created for the microstructure of the basis of micro-CT scans. The macro and micro model analyses are performed by using the finite element method. The identification of trabeculae material parameters on the micro-level is considered as the minimization problem which is solved using evolutionary computing.
Keywords: multiscale modeling of bone; computational homogenization; identification of material parameters