Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 3, pp. 715-731, Warsaw 2010

Study operation of the active suspension system of a heavy machine cab

Grzegorz Tora
This study is a part of research on active suspension systems of cabs in heavy machines and trucks, used for suppressing low-frequency and large-amplitude vibrations. The suspension system incorporates two platform mechanisms placed one upon the other. The lower mechanism is responsible for maintaining the cab in the vertical position whilst the upper mechanism controls the cab movements in the vertical direction. Motion of the cab is described using versors associated with the mechanism links. Relationships are derived that yield the instantaneous velocities of the drives that lead to reduction of the cab vibrations in selected DOFs. The procedure is shown for calculating the loads acting on the drives of the active suspension during the specified movement of the machine frame. The mathematical model is further utilised in simulations of the suspension operation.
Keywords: active vibration reduction; cab suspension; platform mechanism