Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 3, pp. 645-658, Warsaw 2010

Optimal axial tension and internal pressure stabilizing post-buckling path for cylindrical shells under torsion

Jacek Krużelecki, Daniel Trybuła
The effect of stabilization of unstable post-buckling behavior of a structure usually is obtained by changing its geometry. In this paper, a possibility of stabilization of the initially unstable post-buckling path for a cylindrical shell under torsion by application of additional independent loadings acting on the structure without changing the shape and size of the shell is investigated. It occurred that axial tension improves the resistance against buckling for the cylindrical shell under torsion and can stabilize the unstable post-buckling path. On the other hand, internal pressure does not stabilize the post-buckling path but it improves the resistance of such a structure against instability.
Keywords: post-buckling path; stabilization; cylindrical shell; torsion; tension; pressure