Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 3, pp. 623-643, Warsaw 2010

Identification of optimal multibody vehicle models for crash analysis

Marta Carvalho, Jorge Ambrósio
This work proposes an optimization methodology for the identification of vehicle multibody models for crashworthiness analysis based on the use of plastic hinge approach. The multiple objective functions for the optimal problem are built as the deviation of the model behavior from the required crash responses. The design variables of the problem are the plastic hinge constitutive relations. The constraints are set not only as technological side constraints but also as some of the deviation functions of selected crash responses that would, otherwise, be used as objective functions. The vehicle model identification methodology is demonstrated by its application to the construction of virtual vehicle models, designated as the generic car model, for which the reference is available as a detailed finite element model.
Keywords: multibody vehicle models; optimization; crashworthiness; plastic hinge