Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 2, pp. 415-433, Warsaw 2010

Linear-graph and contour-fraph-based models of planetary gears

Józef Drewniak, Stanisław Zawiślak
Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms are basic engineering tasks. They can suffer from errors due to versatile reasons. The graph-based methods of analysis and synthesis of planetary gears can be alternative methods for accomplishing of the afore mentioned tasks, which additionally allow for checking of their correctness. In the paper, two graph-based methods of analysis of planetary gears are discussed. An exemplary planetary gear is analysed by means of the graph-based methods as well as the traditional Willis method. Force and torque analyses were performed as well. An algorithmic approach – which implies from the graph models – allows for checking of versatile variants of designs in an easy and schematic way, which can lead to optimisation of the design within a conceptual phase of the design procedure.
Keywords: contour equation method; Hsu's graph; f-cycle equation; gear ratio variants