Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 2, pp. 397-413, Warsaw 2010

The influence of wing transverse vibrations on dynamic parameters of an aircraft

Michał Wachłaczenko
The paper presents numerical analysis of airplane parameters of motion during wing transverse vibrations of an average commercial airplane. The mathematical model of the airplane motion including a system of twelve ordinary differential equations was employed. Using available publications and M28 "Bryza" airplane geometrical and mass relationships, a computer code evaluating parameters of the motion was developed. In order to take the wing transverse vibrations under consideration, the way of wing displacements in the aircraft-fixed system of coordinates was elaborated as well as vibration amplitude and frequency were assumed. The analysis covered two cases of wing transverse vibrations: bending of both wing halves in phase and in counter-phase. On the basis of the obtained results, some conclusions referring the airplane dynamic properties during wing vibrations were formulated.
Keywords: wing vibrations; aircraft; sumulation