Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 2, pp. 329-343, Warsaw 2010

Stress-strain relations for dry and saturated sands. Part II: Predictions

Andrzej Sawicki, Waldemar Świdziński
In the second part of the paper, the incremental constitutive model, described in details in Part I, was verified against the experimental data obtained from the stress paths different that those used for model calibration. The differential equations defining the model were integrated for various stress paths such as anisotropic consolidation including oedometric conditions, standard triaxial compression, spherical unloading of fully drained soil as well and shearing of water saturated sand in undrained conditions. The behaviour of both initially contractive and dilative soil was considered. Theoretical predictions were compared with the respective experimental data. In all cases examined, the agreement between predictions and experimental data seems to be quite good.
Keywords: granular soils; stress-strain characteristics; pre-failure behaviour; instability; liquefaction; anisotropy