Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 2, pp. 309-328, Warsaw 2010

Stress-strain relations for dry and saturated sands. Part I: Incremental model

Andrzej Sawicki, Waldemar Świdziński
The incremental model describing the pre-failure behaviour of granular soils is proposed. Firstly, the constitutive equations are derived from the extensive set of experimental data, for the triaxial configuration. The following features are included into the model: initial anisotropy, initial state of sand (i.e. either dilative or contractive), instability line. Then, the incremental constitutive equations are generalized to the 3D case, using techniques of tensor algebra. Finally, the model is re-derived for the undrained conditions in order to predict such phenomena as, for example, static liquefaction. The approach presented is an alternative to already classical approaches as the elasto-plasticity or hypoplasticity. The paper consists of two parts. Part I deals with the formulation of the model and its calibration, whereas Part II is devoted to verification of the model against experimental results.
Keywords: granular soils; stress-strain characteristics; pre-failure behaviour; instability; liquefaction; anisotropy