Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 1, pp. 233-254, Warsaw 2010

Comparison of some selected multiaxial fatigue failure criteria dedicated for spectral method

Adam Niesłony
The paper presents the procedure of estimation of fatigue life in the high-cycle fatigue regime under a multiaxial random loading using the spectral method. The procedure consists of application of the power spectral density function of the equivalent stress in the fatigue life assessment together with the known spectral method developed for the uniaxial stress state. The model proposed by Miles and Dirlik was presented as an example. Two groups of multiaxial fatigue failure criteria have been distinguished: the criteria based on the critical plane approach and the criteria using invariants of the stress state. Two sets of experimental data were used in order to compare the calculated and experimental fatigue lives. It has been shown that under the multiaxial random loading the results of fatigue life calculated according to the considered method are well correlated with the results of experiments if the multiaxial fatigue failure criterion is properly selected for mechanical parameters of the tested material.
Keywords: spectral method; multiaxial fatigue; high cycle fatigue; random loading