Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 1, pp. 155-172, Warsaw 2010

Influence of collisions with a material feed on cophasal mutual synchronisation of driving vibrators of vibratory machines

Jerzy Michalczyk, Piotr Czubak
The relation between angular oscillations of vibratory machine bodies – disturbing the vibratory transport – and the loss of cophasal of driving vibrators was indicated in this paper. It was shown that the loss of cophasal running could be caused by periodical collisions of the body with a material feed. The mathematical model of this phenomenon was developed. The obtained analytical dependencies, allowing one to assess disphasing of vibrators and to estimate amplitudes of angular oscillations of the machine, were verified by comparison with the results obtained by digital simulation of the system behaviour.
Keywords: vibratory machines; cophasal run; synchronisation