Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 1, pp. 135-153, Warsaw 2010

A shape memory alloys based tuneable dynamic vibration absorber for vibration tonal control

Barbara Tiseo, Antonio Concilio, Salvatore Ameduri, Antonio Gianvito
This paper examines a novel model of an Adaptive Tuneable Dynamic Vibration Absorber (ATDVA), based on the use of Shape Memory Alloy materials (SMA). Being adaptive, the absorber is able to track variation of the structural dynamic response.

The absorber architecture is extremely simple: it consists of a clamped SMA wire and a concentrated mass. Two reference structures have been considered: a typical aeronautical aluminium panel and a fibreglass panel. In the first part, the investigated concept is introduced with a short presentation about the SMA main properties. The realisation and experimental characterisation of the device are then presented. Its implementation, a report on the experimental campaign and the presentation of the attained results conclude the work, together with a discussion on the achieved results and the next investigation steps.
Keywords: ATDVA; SMA; vibration control