Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 4, pp. 871-896, Warsaw 2009

Model and analysis of the process of unit-load stream sorting by a manipulator with torsional disks

Tomasz Piątkowski
In the paper, the author presents a proposal for the modelling of the process of sorting of a stream of unit loads realised by means of a manipulator with torsional disks. In the developed model, one takes into account three zones of friction influencing motion of the load in the manipulator working space: the first one associated with interactions on the manipulator active carrying surface, and two zones located on the belt conveyor right in front of, and behind the manipulator. Frictional properties of the object are represented by a nonlinear friction coefficient defined based on a cubic b-spline curve. On the basis of numerical experiments performed on the sorting model, one determined the influence of fundamental structural and operational parameters of the manipulator on precision and reliability of the process of unit-load stream sorting. The obtained data can be used as guidelines for designing new solutions of sorting manipulators and may provide hints necess ary for optimization of already-existing devices.
Keywords: unit load; dry friction; handling process; belt conveyor; sorting