Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 4, pp. 855-870, Warsaw 2009

Application of modal analysis supported by 3D vision-based measurements

Piotr Kohut, Piotr Kurowski
In the paper, applications of the 3D vision techniques to the modal analysis method are presented. The goal of the project was to develop a methodology for vibration amplitude measurements and a software tool for modal analysis based on visual data. For this purpose, dedicated procedures and algorithms based on the vision technique methods were developed. 3D measurements of vibrations and structure geometry were obtained by application and developing passive 3D vision techniques. The amplitude of vibrations was calculated for selected points on the structure. Necessary vision data were received from the high-speed digital camera "X-Stream Vision" in form of "avi" files that were used as the input data for the developed software tool. The amplitude of vibration displacements obtained from vision-based measurements were treated as the input data for operational modal analysis algorithms. In this domain, the Balanced Realization algorithm has been used.
Keywords: passive 3D vision techniques; structure from motion; vibration measurements; modal analysis