Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 3, pp. 573-598, Warsaw 2009

Optimization of dental implant using genetic algorithm

Tomasz Łodygowski, Krzysztof Szajek, Marcin Wierszycki
The subject of the present work is optimization of the modern implant system Osteoplant, which was created and is still developed by Foundation of University of Medical Sciences in Poznań. Clinical observations point to the occurrence of both early and late complications in the case of all two-component implant systems. In many cases, these problems are caused by mechanical fractures of the implants themselves. The obtained results of the previous studies focused on necessary changes of the implant mechanical behavior, which helped to achieve the required long-term strength. However, modifications of the present dental implant system are not obvious. In this paper, an optimization of the Osteoplant dental implant system, with the use of FEA and genetic algorithms is discussed.
Keywords: design optimization; genetic algorithm; dental implant