Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 3, pp. 553-571, Warsaw 2009

Optimization of anti-symmetrical open cross-sections of cold-formed thin-walled beams

Jerzy Lewiński, Krzysztof Magnucki
The paper deals with cold-formed thin-walled beams with the Z-, S- and Clothoid-section. A short survey of optimal designs of thin-walled beams with open cross-sections is given. Geometric properties of three cross-sections are described. Strength, local and global buckling conditions for thin-walled beams are presented. The optimal design criterion with a dimensionless objective function as a quality measure is defined. Results of numerical calculations for optimal shapes of three cross-sections are presented in tables and figures.
Keywords: thin-walled beam; open cross-section; global and local buckling; optimal design