Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 4, pp. 845-867, Warsaw 2008

Application of non-contact methods to experimental measurements of human body vibration

Marek A. Książek, Janusz Tarnowski
In the paper, the application of non-contact methods used in experimental measurements of human body vibration is discussed. The most applicable and commonly used non-contact methods of measurements are the methods based on lasers and high speed video cameras. In the paper, chosen experimental measurements of human body vibration by non-contact methods, done by the authors and described in separate articles, have been presented. The study shows how direct measurements of displacements registered marked points of the human body submitted to vibration and allowed kinematical and dynamical analysis leading to estimation of harmful exposures. The following paragraphs of the paper contain examples of experimental measurements and conclusions concerning the comparison of classical and non-contact methods including their suitability, advantages and disadvantages in the measurements of dynamical behaviour of the human body.
Keywords: non-contact methods; human body; vibration measurements