Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 2, pp. 325-335, Warsaw 2007

Singularity of stresses in a periodic laminated semi-space with a boundary normal to the layering

Stanisław J. Matysiak, Dariusz M. Perkowski
The paper deals with the plane problem of stress distributions in a nonhomogeneous elastic semi-space caused by concentrated loadings acting on its boundary. The body is composed of periodically repeated two-constituent laminae, and its boundary is assumed to be normal to the layering. The solution to the problem is presented within the framework of the homogenized model with microlocal parameters (Woźniak, 1987; Matysiak and Woźniak, 1987). Analytical results for stresses are obtained and shown in figures.
Keywords: composite; displacement; stresses; elasticity; homogenized model; concentrated loading