Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 1, pp. 61-72, Warsaw 2007

Regular and chaotic vibrations of a vibration-isolated hand grinder

Jan Łuczko, Piotr Cupiał, Urszula Ferdek
The paper is concerned with qualitative analysis of a non-linear model describing vibration of a vibration-isolated hand grinder. A discontinuous description of grinding forces is introduced, which accounts for the possible separation of the grinding wheel from the object during the process. Eight non-linear ordinary differential equations are obtained which describe dynamics of the system. Numerical analysis is done using methods of numerical integration and the Fast Fourier Transform. The influence of selected parameters on the character of vibration is studied and some measures are calculated which characterize the quality of the vibration isolation system.
Keywords: vibrations; chaos; grinding; vibration isolation; non-linear