Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 1, pp. 171-177, Warsaw 2007

Fuzzy-PID control method for two-stage vibration isolation system

Cun-Sheng Zhao, Shi-Jian Zhu, Qi-Wei He
The arithmetic of PID control is simple and the stability of it is good. However, the dynamic characteristics of PID control are poor. The fuzzy logic control method is flexible and adaptive. It does not rely on a mathematical model of the system and can deal with the nonlinearity of parameters and uncertain problems. However, the stability of fuzzy logic control is poor. In this paper, fuzzy logic control combined with PID control is applied to a two-stage vibration isolation system to improve the vibration isolation effectiveness. Simulation results show that the method is effective.
Keywords: two-stage vibration isolation system; fuzzy-PID control; simulation