Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 3, pp. 691-712, Warsaw 2006

Numerial implementation of multiaxial high-cycle fatigue criterion to structural optimization

Mirosław Mrzygłód, Andrzej P. Zieliński
Modern multiaxial high-cycle fatigue criteria were investigated with respect to their application in structural optimization procedures coupled with finite element codes. As a result of tests carried out for several fatigue criteria, the Dang Van hypothesis was used for the detailed numerical study. A way of respective adapting the high-cycle load history was also suggested. The complete algorithm of the fatigue optimization was illustrated by applying the proposed procedures to vehicle parts which are subject to high-cycle loadings. The finite element code ANSYS was used in the structural modeling.
Keywords: high-cycle fatigue; multi-axial fatigue criterion; structural optimization; finite element method