Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 3, pp. 455-484, Warsaw 2006

Modelling of damage and fracture in ceramic matrix composites – an overview

Michał Basista, Witold Węglewski
This is a review paper on the existing approaches to modelling of discrete cracks (fracture) and diffuse microcracking (damage) in ceramic matrix composites under mechanical or thermal loading. The focus is on Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) with metal particle inclusions and on interpenetrating metal ceramic networks. The second phase in form of ceramic inclusions is not considered. The models of toughening mechanisms are discussed in considerable detail. Sections 2-5 deal with discrete cracks while Sections 6-9 with diffuse microcracking. The paper is concluded with identification of unresolved problems and topics for future research in the area of fracture and damage of CMC.
Keywords: ceramic matrix composites; particles; interpenetrating networks; fracture; damage; toughening mechanisms; bridging; cracks; microcracks; cavitation; debonding