Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 2, pp. 279-298, Warsaw 2006

Free vibrations of a column loaded by a stretched element

Lech Tomski, Janusz Szmidla
The problem of free vibrations of a two-member column loaded by a sretched element is considered in the paper. The influence of rigidity asymmetry on the bending between the stretched element and column rods, and the influence of the rigid mounting of the loading element and its length on the course of natural frequency in relation to the external load are analysed. The regions, for which the tested systems appear to be of divergence or divergence-pseudo-flutter type, are determined for presented physical and geometrical parameters of the column and systems for border values of the coefficient of bending asymmetry. Numerical computations are supported by appropriate results of experimental investigations.
Keywords: elastic column; divergence instability; pseudo flutter systems; natural frequency