Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

42, 4, pp. 905-926, Warsaw 2004

Vibrations and stability of a two-rod column loaded by a sector of a rolling bearing

Lech Tomski, Janusz Szmidla, Maria Gołębiowska-Rozanow
In this work, a new type of loading of slender systems, which is a follower force directed towards a positive or a negative pole is presented. Constructional models of loading heads, which realize this type of loading, are also presented. The variant of theoretical investigations concerning formulation of boundary conditions is shown. It results from the energetic formulation. Dependently on constructional variants of both the loading and receiving heads, values of the critical force and courses of the natural frequency as a function of the external loading for the applied geometry and physical constants of the column are determined. Theoretical results are compared with those from an experiment.
Keywords: elastic column; divergence instability; natural frequency