Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

42, 3, pp. 461-482, Warsaw 2004

Cellular automata: structures and some applications

Marcin Burzyński, Waldemar Cudny, Witold Kosiński
A new approach to the modelling of various nature phenomena such as predator and prey ecological system, heat transport, spreading of oil slick and traffic flow is introduced. Cellular automata (CA) are discrete dynamical systems whose behaviour is completely specified in terms of simple local relations. They are mathematical models of spatially distributed processes; however they can lead to an appropriate simulation of complex dynamic processes. Applications to heat transfer and problems of environmental simulations are done. A discrete automaton model with fuzzy rules to simulate one-way traffic flow is also described. Results of simulations are consistent with phenomena observed in reality. It gives a base to propose the cellular automata tool as an option in modelling and solving problems of complex (and some times, not completely known) nature.
Keywords: cellular automata; traffic flow; fuzzy rules