Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

42, 1, pp. 59-68, Warsaw 2004

The 3D thermoelastic problem of uniform heat flow disturbed by an interface crack in a periodic two-layer composite

Andrzej Kaczyński, Stanisław J. Matysiak
This paper is concerned with the problem of an interface insulated plane crack obstructing a uniform heat flux in a two-layer microperiodic space. An approximate analysis is performed within the framework of linear stationary thermoelasticity with microlocal parameters. A general method of solving the
resulting boundary-value problem is presented. It is based on the use of potential functions and an analogy between the thermal crack problem and the skew-symmetric mechanical loading problem. The thermal stress singularities are discussed.
Keywords: periodic two-layered space; homogenized model; interface crack; heat flow; thermal stresses