Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

42, 1, pp. 195-212, Warsaw 2004

Vibration energy flow in rectangular plates

Jacek Cieślik
The paper presents obtained from literature review formulas on structural intensity calculations. The formulas involve loads (forces and moments) and strains (linear and angular) which enabled the estimation of structural surface intensity for beams, and plates considered here as simple structural elements. The numerical method of intensity evaluation was based on complex modal analysis with the use of the finite element method. The presented calculation results lead to the assessment of distribution of structural intensity vectors on the surface of a steel rectangular plate. The models included the source of vibrations (force excitation) and sink of energy (damper) with known position of application. The changes of the finite elements grid density enabled detailed investigation of the total vibration energy flow in the analysed plates.
Keywords: vibration energy flow; structural intensity; intensity vector field